There are also iconic products in the cosmetic world that every smaller or larger cosmetic expert knows and cannot commit to many times. Among them would be a green cream called Skin Food from the natural brand Weleda, which has been on the market for 90 years, so it is really time-tested 🙂 Weleda, in addition to cosmetics, is also involved in the production of medicines, which I personally was very interested in. If you’d like to read about history and brand values, I suggest you take a look at on my website.

I have been listening to this nourishing cream for a number of years for many years, but I haven’t been able to get to it until recently, as I have been looking for creams for a while more easily with a not so nutritious composition (which I don’t reward the best, but the one learns best at my own errors).

And while I was committed to trying it out, it also grew into other Skin Food products! Now you will find classic Weleda Skin Food Cream, Skin Food Light Lighter Version, Skin Food Body Butter and Skin Food Lip Butter in this range of products. All products combine green packaging and a distinctive herbal scent. The essential ingredients are sunflower oil, beeswax, nail, violet, rosemary and chamomile. In addition, Weleda products are free of preservatives.

Weleda Skin Food is a multifunctional cream that can be used as a day or night facial care, but also on the hand and dry place on the body. Consistency is quite dense and greasy and takes a while to get up. It is also suitable for the driest skin. I use it now in winter for my hands and I also liked it as a night cream to nourish the skin during the night. You can buy it in 10, 30 and 75 ml packs, so if you are not sure, you can try the smallest.

Weleda Skin Food Light is a lightweight form of classic cream that is still suitable for dry skin. Although consistency is also creamy, but less dense and absorbed very quickly. Just apply it a little, because it can be spread over a large area. I use this cream in the morning and it has also proved to be a foundation for makeup. He keeps on it without problems and the skin is smooth and hydrated all day.

Weleda Skin Food The body butter is not in the tube, but in a 150 ml cup. I was afraid to have too thick and hard-to-spread consistency, but I was pleasantly surprised because it is really easy to pick up and spread, so the application is comfortable and hassle-free. Suitable for the whole body, but I have it on the bedside table and use it mainly for hands and feet. However, if you have very dry places anywhere on the body, it will be an ideal help for you.

Although the Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm is the original name of Lip Butter, the consistency is rather a dense transparent oil texture that leaves the lips lustrous and very effective and moisturizes even the heavily dried and cracked lips. The 8 ml tube has a round applicator at the end, through which the product can be pushed out and applied straight. For me, this product is suitable again for the night, when I give you a good recovery or when it is cold and windy outside. Under the lip, thanks to the more greasy consistency and shiny finish, it is not suitable only if you apply it well in advance.

Below you can see the consistency of classic cream, lightweight Light, body butter and lip balm from below.

So it would be from me to the products of this series so far everything. I will be glad if you write to me if you know them and use them or if you are going to try them out!

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